1:Tehrim 🍅🌸 ~ SASUKE RETSUDEN CH 3 ~:
Sasuke only witnessed his parents death?

Yes he did but he got showed his parents death more than 500 times and thats being torture. Sasuke loved everyone in his clan, his aunt and uncle in uchiha clan and most importantly his own brother killed him who he loved the most.
@The25thNigga So we’re jus gonna forget about Teyaki Uchiha?owner of the Uchiha Senbei shop, a renowned shop within the Uchiha Compound. He encouraged Sasuke to be a great shinobi on his own, instead of telling him to emulate his older brother Itachi. /ounZsNukJ8
3:Mandy Mandy:
Some days its just too cold for diets. mmm teyaki_ chicken soup. /BEjDCvbQ5f
4:The Kagekage:
Uruchi and Teyaki were like Sasukes Teuchi and Ayame, and knowing that he lost that…the pain is real. 💔😭 /X0TIRKHQWE
5:ዓሰብ ግደ:
@coldplague @_Bisre Lol. Betcha atbeko teyaki_ yenatun mot yeredal endayhon negeru.😂 DNA testing might reveal mixture with Egypt, Yemen, Turkey, Kenya, Somalia even Italy.🤔
#คาเฟ่พระรามสาม เปิดใหม่ Teyaki bkk มีความญี่ปุ่น เมนูซิกเนเจอร์ Momo-Ume Soda บ๊วยโซดา อร่อย ตัวเซมเบ้มีหลายรสเราสั่งปลาหมึกมา กรุบกรอบอร่อยดี ทำสดๆเลย แวะมากันได้ชาวพระราม3 @aroii #อร่อยบอกต่อ #อร่อยไปแดก #รีวิวคาเฟ่ /vQ69zDbxzQ
I just bought bingsoo and teyaki_ cause it’s that time of the month 🥴🙃
8:Yoazard 🏳️‍🌈:
@RoyaltyGomo Roast a chicken breast and shred it then with a little teyaki_ sauce and sesame seeds heat up on a pan. Dont forget to season.
9:Laurie May:
was here, she’d say being an Uchiha means putting the clan first, even to the point of sacrifice.”

She’d always known Mikoto dealt with the clan’s internal affairs. Like giving Uncle Teyaki a vacant lot so he can open another 𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘣𝘦𝘪 shop or helping Auntie Hazuki with
10:Dan’s Naruto Facts:
#DailyNarutoTrivia No. 145 – The Uchiha Clan had a renowned Senbei shop that had been in the family since the early days of Konoha. The recipe for their senbei were passed to Teyaki and Uruchi Uchiha. With the clan massacre, this recipe is now lost. /DDZpoIGvW9