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1:Spargles 🇦🇺:
For a nation that’s renowned for its BBQs, Australia has a pretty dismal BBQ cuisine compared to places like the US, Argentina, Korea, Turkey etc.

“Ah yeah mate – here’s a cheap processed sausage with some slimy fried onions and tomato sauce on a folded slice of white bread”
@dudulabNFT 1. A few years ago, before my father died suddenly in an accident, the whole family went on a national tour together. I traveled from Seoul, the capital of Korea, to Busan, looking for famous places across the country. I had a lot of fun eating BBQ with my family while traveling.
3:민기’s lover:
harry canceled but we were already in inglewood so jade and i had korean bbq in korea town instead 🤞
Saranghaeyo Jungkook! I will turn into Asian with that Korean aesthetic. I missed visiting Korea but Saranghaeyo that K-pop idol! Anneonghaeseyo! I will turn into Korean BBQ with my bias.
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WOORI CHAM SAUCE Korean BBQ Soy Sauce, #1 Steak Sauce in Korea, Magic Sauce for Korean BBQ, Kalbi, Bulgogi, and Pickles, (10 UWZX3D0

/yZcU2iFAC2 /Buk5EQbKZE
6:Levi Zendt:
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My friends and I were just talking about threats to Japan at a BBQ last week – North Korea and Godzilla were both mentioned. Implicit bias it seems. /EtYR1NA9YL
7:The Great Futa:
*Looking at the Korean BBQ chicken*

“What part of Korea was the chicken from?”
@squidwardhao girl say it. korea bbq
9:David Williams:
Pork exports totaled almost 4.7 billion pounds through the first
three quarters of the year, down 13.3% from a year earlier. Exports to
Mexico and South Korea both posted year-to-date gains of 18.3% and
3.2%, respectively, to 1.7 billion and 408 million p…/tmr1mQLYIU
10:Sun 🌞☀️:
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23 years ago, when I was first qualified as a nurse in Korea, she was the my mentor. She always encouraged & supported me while I was a nurse in Korea. She was the person made me believe that I am a good nurse & can do a nursing abroad too. BBQ with my old mentor today 🥰🇰🇷#korea /n93qLiw79Y