fat and angry

Its not my fault Im broken. Its not my fault Im hungry and tired and angry, and its not my fault my brother is fat and strong and stupid, and its not my fault I let him hold my hand as he took me home.

I want you to see me.
2:Sco Sis 🖤:
I’m in Waffle House sitting at the lil bar right? Ain’t nobody in that bitch but I ordered to go. Anyway the waitress came over there like can yall move just in case sb come in and wanna sit there. I told her ass no and she really tried to argue w me bout it.
Cristiano Ronaldo: “I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club. This is why I come to #mufc.” [@PiersUncensored]
My thing about s4-5 Martin is that he is just fucking done with it all. Just. Fuck it. Im fat angry and I hate the world. Give me my tea and leave me alone. -flips of Simon-
fat and angry_5
Heres a 22MB collage/storyboard for the first adventure of captain Ethereum Merge.

1.- Cpt Eth goes away from his home planet
2.- Gets intercepted in space by angry Aardvark Supervillain
3.- Battle ensues but Michelangelo and Fat man show up to help
4.- Capt Bitcoin shows up /qM71WlghzP
6:Doctor G – (Cuddles):
Because Kari Lake is “white.”The Angry black woman term is reserved for intelligent and educated black women who won’t take shit from any fat ass misogynistic, racist, gynophobic “white” man.
fat and angry_7
First day in Randonautica w/@Ssucker3 looking for rat and we found a giant dump. Nice /J0MrIHJFBk
8:Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦:
fat and angry_8
Probably a lighting thing. /xBVIguOS3s
9:Sco Sis 🖤:
I am pregnant, fat, hungry, and angry. Leave me tf alone before I make your day at work crazy fr.
10:clearwater09 🇺🇦:
fat and angry_10
Pinned down with a belly full of Blitzo and a very fat, angry, and hungry Hellhound staring her down, will this be the end to Octavias revenge?

Story: /lYmsyGHDhK

Cover Art by @ghostlyfoxy /u9UD2IaeZc